Welcome to the Certification Board for Equine Interaction Professionals (CBEIP), the premier independent certification dedicated to advancing the standards of equine-interaction professionals. As stewards of this dynamic field, we are thrilled to share who we are, our mission, the significance of becoming a certificant, and a glimpse into the exciting developments unfolding in the coming year.

Who We Are

CBEIP is a distinguished not for profit organization committed to ensuring excellence among mental health and education professionals who participate in equine-interaction. Our board comprises experts from diverse backgrounds, including equine professionals, therapists, and educators, all united by a shared passion for promoting the well-being of both humans and equines through intentional and ethical interactions.

Our Mission

At CBEIP, our mission is clear: to establish and uphold the highest standards in equine interaction. Through our certification process, we aim to empower practitioners with confidence that their knowledge, skills, and ethical foundations meet the necessary standards for an impactful career in this field.

Why Become a Certificant?

Becoming a certificant with CBEIP signifies your commitment to excellence, professionalism, and ethical practices in equine interaction. Our certification not only enhances your credibility but also opens doors to a network of like-minded professionals and ongoing enrichment opportunities to continually elevate your expertise.

Expectations for the Coming Year

As we embark on the journey of the upcoming year, CBEIP is dedicated to several exciting initiatives. In addition to our new and improved website with more user-friendly processes, you can anticipate enhanced communication, new networking opportunities that align with evolving industry standards, and an emphasis on certificant engagement.


In the realm of equine interaction, CBEIP values equine welfare, professional standards, responsibility, connection, and integrity. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or just beginning your journey, CBEIP can serve as a compass, guiding you toward the highest standards of practice as well as verifying for others your extensive professional experience and independent assessment of knowledge for incorporating equine interactions within your work.

Join us in shaping the future of this dynamic field, where every interaction with equines becomes an opportunity for positive transformation. We currently have two positions to fill on the CBEIP. If you are a CEIP-ED or CEIP-MH and have an interest in serving as a director, we welcome you to submit your resume or CV.  


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