Los Angeles, CA
Helping Hoof: Equine-Assisted Therapeutic Activities and Learning
Area of Specialty

Kuniko Vroman founded Helping Hoof to offer equine-assisted therapeutic activities, tutoring, and other growth and learning activities. In addition to Helping Hoof, she works as an equine specialist at a facility that provides equine-assisted psychotherapy. Prior to partnering with horses and donkeys, she was a behavioral therapist/interventionist and case manager working with families with members with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in the home, school, and community settings. In her five years as a therapist and case manager, she created and implemented effective strategies to help families address their biggest behavioral concerns and get the tools they need to thrive and be their best. She brought this skill set to the equines and together they work toward the same goals, but now with added horsepower! In addition to their work with folks with ASD, Kuniko and her equine partners offer individualized sessions and have worked with people with PTSD, in addiction recovery, and folks in need of respite time.

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